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Adrian Grigoriu

Strategy is the path chosen to implement the goals of the business. In some views, it includes the choice of goals themselves.

A Business Model describes the way the enterprise uses its resources to deliver products to a customer segment so that it returns value and makes profit.

Business models are sometimes called strategies solely because they are a choice of implementation, that is a potential way to achieve profit that may be targeted by an enterprise.
Nevertheless, any enterprise today is based on an existing business model.

The "strategy model" terminology may mean one of too many different things. I don't think it helps. Perhaps strategy (specification) framework is the term you seek. A framework that offers a few pre-established choices or combination of them.

Alan Kennedy's Comment:

Thank you for your comment. You certainly restate well the currently held thinking on strategy and business models.

What we find missing from current wisdom is a more comprehensive identification and explanation on big issues such as "pre-established choices" and how a goal differs from a strategy. We are trying to provide that explanation.

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